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What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Jan. 1, 2021

An elder law attorney focuses on issues that impact the aging population. You do not have to wait until you are 65 or older to go to an attorney, though. Instead, you can start planning today to prepare for the future. First, you need to know what this type of attorney does. Then, you can consult with an attorney and begin planning for the next chapter in your life.

Primary functions of an elder law attorney

Elder law attorneys provide a variety of services that the aging population needs. The most common services include long-term care planning, estate planning, insurance guidance, and elder abuse representation. This list is not exhaustive, though. Those who have additional aging-related needs can also visit an attorney.

Long-term care planning

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, once people reach 65, they have approximately a 70% chance of requiring long-term care. An elder law attorney provides long-term care planning. This includes reviewing long-term care options, such as nursing homes and at-home care. An attorney can go over payment options, including public benefits. After reviewing the options, the attorney helps clients ensure they can pay for care if the time comes.

Some people do not plan for long-term care until they need it. Then, the burden shifts to family members. Instead of waiting, people are encouraged to plan for long-term care today. This can prevent family members from having to make difficult decisions when their loved ones age.

Estate planning

People can also visit an elder law attorney to handle estate planning needs. Estate planning includes various legal documents, such as trusts, wills, and powers of attorney. The attorney can also help clients make wise decisions regarding estate and gift taxes and real estate transactions. With the attorney’s help, all items will be in order before the client’s passing.

Insurance guidance

Insurance matters become more complex as people age. Seniors must consider different coverage types, such as long-term disability, life insurance, and home care. Some also benefit from funeral and burial insurance. After looking at clients’ financial situations, attorneys can recommend insurance policies that make economic sense.

Elder abuse

The National Council on Aging estimates that one in 10 Americans 60 years of age and older have suffered elder abuse. Family members, friends, and healthcare staff can commit elder abuse. An elder law attorney advocates for victims of elder abuse. The attorney can press charges.

Get your affairs in order as you age

An elder law attorney will help you get your affairs in order as you age. Along with the standard services, you can also get help with employment and retirement advice, financial planning, and so much more. With the right support, you will not have to worry about the aging process. Instead, you can enjoy each day that comes your way, knowing that you are prepared.

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