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Elder Law Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law practices elder law in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding area. If you live in the 15219 area and have an elderly family member that is entering a nursing home or having difficulty in one, I recommend that you contact us immediately. While there are several aspects of elder law, dealing with the financial and physical issues surrounding elder care is a significant portion of the work that I do to help Pennsylvania families.

Many people are under the misconception that there is nothing that can be done to protect family assets from the cost of long-term care. This is untrue and there are certain asset protection techniques that can be legally implemented in order to protect your family, especially if only one spouse is in need of nursing care while the other is continuing to live independently. If you are facing the decision of whether or not to place a family member in a nursing home or care facility, I encourage you to engage my services as part of the process in order to protect your loved one’s assets. As an experienced elder law attorney, I can guide you through the process of applying for Medicaid or exploring other strategies that are available for your specific situation. To schedule a consultation call.

Elder Law and Elder Abuse

At Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law, there are times where I see cases of elder abuse, especially in nursing homes. These cases can be truly devastating both for the victim and for their families. The level of care that a senior receives can often make the difference between whether they are to live their golden years in comfort or plagued by unnecessary illnesses and discomforts. Some common cases involve getting bedsores due to a lack of movement or an illness progressing to a critical condition. If you have found that your loved one is a victim of elder abuse, I recommend that you call my office immediately so that I can ensure they are protected, get into a safe environment and that the abusers are held accountable.

Fraud and the Elderly

Too often, seniors are taken advantage of by fraudsters targeting the elderly. Whether a wayward family member, stranger, caregiver, or someone offering investment advice, seniors are often victims of theft. While many of these cases are criminal in nature and handled by the prosecutor’s office, there are times where bringing a civil suit is a possibility for recapturing some of the funds that were lost. If you live in the 15219 area and someone you know has been the victim of fraud, I invite you to call to speak with my elder law office where I can discuss the case in greater detail along with what your options are for pursuing damages.

Social Security

As an expert in elder law, I can help you to apply for social security benefits or social security disability. Depending on the situation, this can be a complicated process and failure to complete the forms correctly can lead to an unfortunate denial, especially in the case of social security disability. At Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law, I help clients throughout the Pittsburgh area to receive the social security compensation they are entitled to and can walk you through the process.

Skilled Elder Law Advocacy

Wills, Living Wills, and Estate Planning

If you are looking for a Pittsburgh attorney that is an expert in elder law and creating wills, living wills, or estate planning, I invite you to schedule a consultation. Having a plan for how your assets will be managed in old age is an important aspect of estate planning. Many people think of what will happen upon death and write a will to that end, however, the question remains, what will happen to your assets if you are sick or need to be placed into a nursing home? A thorough estate plan addresses the various issues that you may not think of but given my experience, I know what questions to ask and how to create a comprehensive plan that addresses things like health issues, medical costs, what happens to the family home, and more. I can also work with you to create a will or living will that plans for how your assets will be distributed upon death. As a Pennsylvania probate lawyer, I know how to craft wills and estate plans to minimize the probate process and its impact on your heirs. In some cases, I may recommend starting to give funds to your children while you are still alive so that they can have access to their inheritance early. Simultaneously, changing the title of the property can help to begin the transition process while you continue to maintain control over the asset. As an elder law attorney, there is a variety of solutions that I can implement that will protect your assets, your children’s inheritance and ensure that you remain comfortable as you age. Since each situation is unique, I recommend that you schedule a consultation to discuss your options and the best plan forward for your family.

Medical Healthcare Power of Attorney

In my elder law office, I often recommend that my clients have us create a power of attorney that grants the ability of a loved one to make medical decisions on their behalf. Since there is no way to know what the future holds, this medical healthcare power of attorney can ensure that someone you trust is available to carry out your wishes in the event that you are unable to communicate with your doctor. This can be a powerful tool, so it is important to have in-depth discussions about what your wishes are prior to executing one. I can, however, assist in this process while creating your living will or estate plan. If you live in the Pittsburgh area and would like to discuss this option further, I invite you to call Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law.

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