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Landlord-Tenant Property Law Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law practices landlord/tenant property law, representing those throughout Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding area. Whether you are a landlord leasing a property or a tenant securing space, I recommend that you call and schedule a consultation so that I can review your lease agreement, make changes, or draft a new one prior to it being signed. This is critical for ensuring that your rights are protected since most legal disputes will be resolved by using the lease agreement as a guidepost.

Caught in a Landlord-Tenant Dispute?

Very often, I represent clients throughout the 15219 area that are property owners leasing space and have a tenant that is refusing to pay rent or vacate the premises. In Pennsylvania, the law is clear that if a tenant hasn’t paid rent by the tenth day of the month, the landlord can require them to vacate the premises. There are, however, legal steps that must be taken as part of the eviction process or the tenant may regain some of their rights. This is where working with someone experienced in landlord/tenant property law can be extremely helpful.

I also represent landlords and tenants that are in a dispute over certain lease provisions. For example, some landlords are unaware that if they are informed of damage or disrepair in the property and fail to fix it, a tenant may withhold rent until the repairs are completed. These types of regulations within landlord/tenant property law ensure that both parties are protected. If you have questions or are in a current dispute, I invite you to call to schedule a consultation with my Pittsburgh law office.