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Contract & Business Disputes Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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If you own a business in the Pittsburgh area, there is a good chance that you will face contract and business disputes throughout your career. From a simple misunderstanding over what commission is due to a salesperson to an in-depth partnership or royalties agreement, there are many ways to interpret a contract that often lead to confusion and disagreements. If you find yourself in a dispute with an employee, partner, investor, vendor, or client, I encourage you to call and schedule a consultation with my Pittsburgh law office. At Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law, I can evaluate your case, discuss your options and the best way to proceed with your case. At times going to court is a viable option due to how high the stakes are and the amount of evidence in your favor. If, however, the case is ambiguous, or the potential damages are minimal, I may suggest mediation or arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution method. This can be more cost-effective while still resolving the dispute at hand.

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In my Pittsburgh, PA law office, I advise clients to have us create and/or review any contracts before they are signed. Typically contract and business disputes can be avoided when a contract is created that clearly spells out the duties of each party and how disputes are to be resolved prior to litigation. I have found that through carefully crafting agreements, many of my business clients can avoid potentially lengthy and expensive conflicts. If you or your business are located in the 15219 area, I invite you to call today to discuss how I can protect your business interests.