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Personal Injury & Estate Law Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Life can feel incredibly overwhelming after a car accident, real estate dispute, death in the family, or any other legal issue. With so much on the line, it's important to seek counsel. Whether the situation involves wrongful death, personal injury, or any incident that turns your life upside down, I provide the skilled guidance you need to pursue justice and find a path forward. If you live in Washington County, Butler County, Westmoreland, Allegheny, or elsewhere in Western Pennsylvania or Florida, contact me to set up an initial consultation.

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Attorney Kim Bodnar

Kim A. Bodnar

Attorney at Law

I've always enjoyed helping others through tough times. A career in law was a natural fit, allowing me to fight on behalf of individuals and families when they need it the most. After graduating from Duquesne University School of Law in 1992, I established my legal practice with the goal of offering personalized representation and top-notch advocacy to clients throughout Pennsylvania and Florida. As a personal injury attorney, estate lawyer, and general civil law practitioner, I approach each case with a tremendous drive to seek results and exceed expectations. I'm also active in my Western Pennsylvania community in a variety of volunteer roles, including animal rescue.


Taking Charge to Help You Move Forward

Civil Law in Pennsylvania & Florida

Whether you need to negotiate with an insurance company after a car wreck in Pittsburgh, or if you are a beneficiary of a Florida estate, I handle a wide range of legal services for clients in both states. Caught up in a legal dispute while on vacation? Let me take the lead to help you move past this.

Depth of Knowledge, Breadth of Experience

Since 1992, I've maintained my own legal practice in order to offer the type of knowledge and experience you need to face your obstacles with confidence. I'll listen to your story, understand your situation, and use your input to craft compelling strategies. I'll handle the legalities and clear a path forward.

Reclaim Your Peace of Mind & A Brighter Future

The impact of a legal issue can be enormous—emotionally, physically, and financially. When confronted with any kind of legal matter, it's natural to feel unsure of your next steps. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident or enmeshed in a business dispute in Pittsburgh, I'm prepared to give you the guidance you need.

As soon as you know you need help, reach out to me. At Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law, I proudly represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and Florida, including Allegheny County, Lawrence County, and Armstrong County. Contact my office today to request a free initial consultation.

When you decide to work with me, your case is my number one priority. Your input is valuable to me; I'll seek to understand your situation and craft legal strategies suited to your goals. You hired me to take the legal burden off your shoulders, which is exactly what I'll do. Sometimes, the process can be confusing. You should not have to navigate it alone.

As your personal injury lawyer, estate law attorney, and partner through this difficult time, I will walk you through each step of your case. I will then take the lead to seek results. If you live in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas of Pennsylvania—or anywhere in Florida—I'm ready to help you move forward.