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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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At Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law, I represent those that are involved in workers' compensation disputes. Pennsylvania laws are in place to protect workers, but those laws are not always followed, leading to potentially dangerous situations. In my Pittsburgh law office, I represent workers and their families that have been the victim of negligence on behalf of their employer. Due to a failure to properly implement workers' safety training programs, protocols, or proper equipment maintenance, thousands of workers are injured on the job every year. In fact, according to OSHA 4,405 workers were killed on the job in 2013. If you or your loved one was the victim of a workplace accident and either injured or killed, I invite you to call and schedule a consultation so that I can discuss the extent of the injuries and the best way to proceed.

You Deserve Fair Compensation

Very often, workers' compensation cases are simply processed at the state level and workers are given a monthly stipend while their medical bills are paid, and they recover from injury. There are, however, instances where the negligence was more profound and there may be a civil case, in addition to a workers' compensation claim, against an employer or a company that manufactured the equipment being used. If you live in Pittsburgh or the 15219 area, I recommend that you schedule a consultation to discuss your case so that I can identify all of the parties that may be responsible and chart a path forward to ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries.