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Signs You Need Help From an Attorney Practicing Elder Law

Dec. 15, 2015

Elder law is a specific practice area that is not addressed by the majority of law firms. It is unique in that many cases involve family members trying to protect the assets or personal interest of their aging parents. As an attorney, I work with both families and seniors directly, ensuring their rights are protected and that they are not taken advantage of, as is so common.

If you are a senior and have questions about any legal issue, call my office and schedule a consultation. If your elderly family member is struggling with a legal issue, here are signs it is time to call an attorney:

  • They were tricked into signing a contract.

  • You are concerned that they may be victim to nursing home abuse.

  • A caregiver is accessing their bank accounts.

  • Medical care they need is being denied by the insurance company.

  • You need help getting them on Social Security.

  • You need help applying for Medicaid.

  • There is a dispute over property they own.

As someone practicing elder law, I see many cases where seniors are taken advantage of due to their trusting nature toward a caregiver. This can include someone who comes to their home and is paid, a friendly neighbor, the local handyman, or even an assistant at a nursing home. Repeatedly, seniors are sold things for higher than market rates, convinced to give people cash or access to their bank accounts, and more. These scams are all too common, and if you feel that anything like this is happening, you need to seek legal help immediately before the scam goes so far as to liquidate their accounts or get them to sign over property. If something like this has already occurred, there are options, and they can claim fraud. However, it is far more difficult to solve a problem like this after the fact and far easier to address it immediately.

Another aspect of elder law is helping families arrange finances so parents can receive the long-term care they need. Nursing homes are incredibly expensive, and many people do not have the funds to pay for them outright. This is where Medicaid comes in. Arranging personal finances so your parent can qualify for assistance can be complex and confusing. As an attorney, I can help by showing you what can be done for your parent to qualify, while also preparing for their long-term needs. If your parent has not finalized a will, I can certainly help with that as well.

Seek Help From an Attorney Early

Elder law is often about preparation. If you are a senior and in a situation where you are healthy, full of energy, and living independently, now is an excellent time to prepare for the future. To protect yourself and your assets, you can do things like setting up a trust, which makes it more difficult for someone to gain access to your funds. To discuss your option in further detail, call and schedule a consultation.