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Reasons a Caregiver Might Need an Elder Law Attorney

Nov. 15, 2020

An Elder Law attorney can help with any legal issues that older people may face. Some of the most common elder law issues have to do with long-term care or medical malpractice. However, this is not the limit of an elder law attorney’s scope of practice. Keep reading to find out more about how an elder law attorney can help you.

Creating a power of attorney

It is a good idea to have a power of attorney when caring for an older person. Such a document grants the caregiver legal permission to make decisions on the elder’s behalf, should they become mentally or physically incapacitated to do so themselves.

It is often necessary to have an elder law professional available to create the documents for a power of attorney. An attorney can also help if the senior in question is already incapacitated. These types of cases tend to be especially complicated for those without a comprehensive understanding of elder law. With legal help by their side, the caregiver can focus on tending to the elder’s needs.

Protecting assets

Having an elder law attorney is also useful when it comes to protecting financial assets. The lawyer can let a caregiver know if there is potential financial exploitation. For example, someone might try to take advantage of the elderly person by offering help and taking money instead. Alternatively, one of the elder’s adult children may take money out of their bank accounts.

Because of the possibility of elder abuse, it is crucial to protect assets. The right attorney can help with this. If there is fraud or criminal activity, the lawyer can report this. The lawyer can also give advice to the children about avoiding criminal activity.

Helping with long-term care planning

The right attorney will have experience in advising for medical and financial needs. Since they work so frequently with the elderly, they may also have a general idea of what caregivers can expect for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. For example, they may have an understanding of trends in certain types of long-term care. This can be helpful for caregivers who do not know what to expect.

Furthermore, an elder law attorney can offer general legal advice on age-related issues. They can tell a caregiver about an elder’s potential future needs or help determine if an elderly person may need to move to a nursing home. That way, plans for assets can be made.

Choose the right elder law attorney today

There are many ways you may benefit from working with an elder law attorney. In addition to helping resolve any medical malpractice issues, they can also create a power of attorney, protect assets, assist in planning for the future, and more. Making a consultation is the first step to see how an elder law attorney can help you.

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