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Need a DUI Lawyer Near Pittsburgh? Get the Legal Advice You Need Now

Feb. 1, 2018

Need a DUI lawyer near Pittsburgh? If you live in the Pittsburgh area and have been charged with a DUI then you are going to need to hire a defense lawyer. Driving while under the influence can bring with it serious legal repercussions, which can include jail time, driver’s license suspension and/or monetary fines. In order for you to get the best case outcome, you need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer as they know how to provide you with the best DUI defense for your case. Everyone deserves the best defense when in a court of law and that is why hiring a lawyer who specializes in defending those who have been charged with a crime is going to give you the best chance at getting the outcome you seek.An experienced DUI lawyer knows how to protect and defend your rights when you are charged with a crime.

DUI Charge in Pittsburgh

Hiring a DUI lawyer near Pittsburgh is essential for those who have been charged with a DUI in the Pittsburgh area. When someone is facing a DUI charge they are subject to a variety of penalties, which are for the most part dependent upon the blood alcohol content (BAC) and whether or not there are any previous DUI convictions. Depending on the DUI case at hand, legal penalties can include probation, jail time, paying huge fines and having one’s driver’s license suspended.Additional penalties include having an ignition interlock device installed in a car so it cannot be started until the driver blows into a tube to prove that there is no alcohol in their system.

Why Hire a Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer?

A Pittsburgh DUI lawyer is going to be well versed when it comes to Pittsburgh DUI laws. They know how to best help someone who has been recently charged with a DUI in Pittsburgh and can accordingly offer them experienced legal advice for their particular situation. Being charged with a DUI is a serious offense and has the potential to negatively change the life of those charged. Hiring a lawyer who understands the DUI laws in Pittsburgh is therefore highly recommended as they have the ability to minimize any and all current and pending DUI charges.

Bottom Line

Finding and hiring an experienced DUI lawyer near Pittsburgh is absolutely essential when you have been charged with a DUI in the Pittsburgh area. If this is your first DUI charge then you are going to need the best legal advice to get you through this first DUI charge. If you have been charged with a DUI in Pittsburgh before then you can expect the DUI consequences to be more serious, again requiring the services of an experienced defense lawyer. The overall goal is to get any and all DUI charges minimized as this will allow for the best possible DUI case outcome. Call to schedule a consultation with Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law in our Pittsburgh office.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.