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Let the Record State It Wasn’t Your Fault: Personal Injury Attorney

Aug. 10, 2016

You hear the phrase, “accidents can happen” and do not think twice about it until an accident happens to you. While someone else was responsible for it, you may not know how to protect your rights in this case. You feel unsure of what to do next or where to go. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney can help you navigate the process and receive the proper compensation.

Do Not Let the Window Close

Following an accident, a person who sustains an injury may not receive the proper compensation he or she deserves. If the situation goes to court, it will be extremely beneficial to have a lawyer who can protect the rights of the victim in the case. People who attempt to deal with the case on their own may find themselves in the courtroom against a defendant who has a lawyer already on the case

With this in mind, having a professional stand for one’s rights will allow the client to receive proper compensation. However, each state may have a different statute of limitations on personal injury cases. According to, “In Pennsylvania, the Statute of limitations for personal injury cases gives you two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system.” Whereas, under the same situation in Florida, “you have four years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit in Florida's civil courts,” explains.

In both scenarios, not acting within the time limit will result in the court will refuse to hear the case. With all of the complex laws and regulations, it can be difficult to remain on top of everything in a personal injury case without professional help. By hiring a professional attorney in that specific area, clients are able to receive representation from someone who understands the system and is fighting for them. The process following a personal injury case is not as easy as one may think.

The Process

People may not realize that the process for a personal injury case will not happen overnight but take time. Upon visiting the office of Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney At Law, the client will answer a series of questions about the accident including, how the client was injured, the location of the accident, the other person/people involved, the conditions of the surroundings and more.

The questions are not meant to pester the client but gather as much information as possible before proceeding. If the situation goes to court, an attorney must prove the defendant is at fault for the damage or injury. There must also be proof of the accident causing the damage and not being due to a prior accident. After gathering all information, the attorney will represent the client in court and help the client get the proper compensation for the damage.

Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law

Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law is a licensed practice in both Pennsylvania and Florida. I am committed to professional representation in specific areas of law and am an active member of the Allegheny County Bar Association. I have earned the prestigious Martindale-Hubble rating of BV since 2003 for my hard work and dedication to helping my clients.

My practice consists of general civil law cases, personal injury cases in County Court of Common (predominantly Allegheny County, Westmoreland, Greene, Washington, Butler, Lawrence, Armstrong, Crawford, Cambria and Beaver Counties) and Federal Court. If you are in need of someone to help protect your rights as you deal with a family law case or many other issues, do not hesitate to call me today.