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How to Choose a PA Car Accident Lawyer

June 15, 2020

Car accidents are physically, emotionally, and financially devastating, which is why many people choose to hire a car accident lawyer. While a lawyer cannot make your injuries magically disappear, the attorney can help make you whole again. Of course, choosing the right PA car accident lawyer is crucial. Instead of just picking the first lawyer you come across, follow some tips.

Tips for Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

Pennsylvania’s car accident laws are complicated. The state allows people to choose no-fault or standard car insurance, which impacts the amount victims can recover. Also, the state has comparative fault laws on the books. These laws can reduce the amount in damages people recover if awarded a judgment. Fortunately, choosing the right PA car accident lawyer helps people navigate this difficult process and increases the likelihood of reaching the desired outcome.

Experience in Similar Cases

Due to the complexity of the laws, it is wise to choose a car accident lawyer that has experience with similar cases. For instance, someone who has no-fault coverage but suffered a serious injury might be eligible to recover non-monetary damages. Choosing an attorney who has represented victims in such cases is critical. This ensures the attorney understands the case.

Reputation and Credentials

People should look at an attorney’s reputation and credentials before moving forward. Victims should make sure the attorney is qualified. They can do this by evaluating the education, certification, and affiliations. For instance, people can see if the attorney is part of any state or local legal organizations. Most attorneys are willing to discuss this, but some will not.

Direct and Open Communication

Some attorneys tell clients that the case will result in victory. Attorneys are not fortune tellers and cannot predict what will happen. People should choose attorneys who assess the case and provide feedback without attempting to predict the future. Attorneys can explain the strength of the case but should not pretend to know what the future will bring.

Success Rate

While attorneys cannot predict the future outcome, they can go over the outcomes of previous cases. People should choose a car accident attorney who has a good success rate. No attorney can win every case. It is not possible. However, a history of success indicates the attorney understands PA car accident law and fights for clients.

The Right Fit

People should not hire a car accident attorney sight unseen. Instead, it is wise to schedule a consultation first. Then, people can see if they connect with the attorney. The attorney will also explain the legal strategy for moving forward with the case. After the consultation, most people know if the attorney is the right fit.

Do Not Let the Statute of Limitations Pass You By

You have two years to file a claim after a car accident. Once the statute of limitations passes, it is too late to recover damages. The statute normally starts ticking as soon as the accident occurs, but it is extended for a wrongful death lawsuit. Then, the clock begins when the person passes away. Do not let the statute of limitations prevent you from collecting damages. Contact an attorney for help.

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