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Hire a Family Law Firm in Pittsburg to Handle Your Amicable Divorce

Aug. 1, 2017

If you are in the middle of an amicable divorce, you should still hire a family law firm in Pittsburg to represent you. Couples who can divorce in an agreeable and amicable way are at an advantage because the process will go far more smoothly. Being amicable can make it possible to negotiate how to divide debts, assets and even where the kids will spend vacations.

Both sides need to cooperate

It takes less time to handle a divorce and finalize it when both parties can have discussions. However, just because a couple agrees on dividing up any property, does not mean it is wise to handle the divorce without the help of an attorney. On the contrary, there are legal aspects of filing for divorce that couples unfamiliar with the law are not aware of.

Getting legal assistance is the best way to protect one’s legal rights today and in the future. An attorney can help ensure that the couple handles the case appropriately.

There Is No Way to Predict the Future

As a family law firm in Pittsburg, we handle divorce cases and legal issues after the fact. A couple who gets along fine today may have unforeseeable future conflict. If the couple does not handle the divorce appropriately, with protections put in place, these future conflicts can make it necessary to return to court.

For example, if a parenting plan does not specify where children will spend Thanksgiving, there is potential for conflict between parents. By laying everything out in the parenting plan ahead of time, we can reduce conflicts. The same is true for financial issues, such as who gets to keep the IRS tax refund from the divorce year.

An Attorney Can Handle the Paperwork and Court Proceedings

There are certain legal documents that must be completed and filed when getting a divorce. As an officer of the court, I know what they are, how they should be completed and how to file them. This is information that the typical person would not have and it can be incredibly confusing. Hiring an attorney to complete the paperwork and handle all filings can help to make the divorce go through smoothly and prevent any unnecessary stress caused by trying to figure it out while also doing things like moving out of the family home.

It will also be necessary to go to court to finalize the divorce, even if a couple agrees to all the terms. A hearing will be held and a judge will need to sign-off on the proposed decree. At that time, a judge may ask questions and there may be a few things that are required to be changed. Having an attorney handle all court proceedings can make sure that the process goes through smoothly and it is more likely that a judge will sign off on the final order without any changes.

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NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.