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Hire a Divorce Attorney if You Have Complex Custody Issues

April 3, 2015

As a divorce attorney, I know full well the importance of having an attorney on your side when getting divorced, especially if you have kids. Custody cases can be some of the most difficult because emotions are high and it is difficult for people to make decisions without being influenced by the conflict. Having a third party to represent your interest, therefore, is incredibly important. Hiring a lawyer quickly is equally important because it is very common for people to make a mistake early on. In some instances, a simple mistake may not matter but when it comes to the kids it does. Judges are hesitant to change a child’s living situation or schedule and will often certify the existing temporary plan in order to keep things the same. For example, if you separate and agree to a temporary parenting plan that you don’t like, it may become the permanent one. This is why you need to fight for what you want immediately.

Another issue that many people are unaware of is how much the parenting plan or custody schedule can influence their lives going forward. Keep in mind, that until your children reach the age of eighteen, everything that you do with them has to either be agreed to by your ex, in the parenting plan, or approved by the court as a revision to that parenting plan. For example, if you are awarded primary custody and decide to move tInty minute away, that could be considered a relocation if it means that your kids have to move schools. Relocations require the approval of your ex or a judge. While a tInty-minute move may not seem like a big deal, in this case, it can be. As a lawyer, I want to know what your current and future plans are so that I can help you to plan for them and try to get issues out of the way during the divorce process so that you don’t have to return to court.

When you hire a divorce attorney it gives you the opportunity to plan for what you want and begin to build a case for why the judge should give it to you. This means going over the details of your life so that I can point out things that can be done to position you for success. For example, I will want to show that you have a strong support system, something you can work on solidifying. If you come in for a consultation before filing for divorce I can give you a checklist of sorts that you can follow. One piece of advice that I regularly give is to stay in the family home. If you have the option – stay. Since a judge will want to keep things consistent for your kids, keeping them in their home will be a priority. If you are living there, it automatically gives you an advantage. To get more tips and learn how to best proceed, schedule an appointment with my office and speak with a divorce attorney.