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Elder Law Is Important for Protecting You in Your Golden Years

March 17, 2015

I practice elder law and can help to protect you as you age. I recommend that as you near retirement age, you put the plans in place to protect yourself and your family. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what will happen as you get older in regards to your physical or mental state. Taking the time to do things like create a medical poIr of attorney, can ensure that you have the support you need, when you need it.

One of the areas of aging that people tend to leave unaddressed is what happens when you are alive, but not functioning at full capacity. While most people think to prepare a will, there is a lot of life to be lived before ever reaching this point. Things like a living will or trust can help to ensure that your wishes are protected in case you need to go through things like medical treatments or enter a retirement home. I can help by drafting the necessary documents to outline what you want your life to be like or the type of care that you want to receive with age.

Since it is impossible to predict what will happen with time, I recommend that I meet to discuss your plans, concerns, and wishes before you reach the point where my intervention may be necessary. As a provider of elder law, I have seen a lot and can provide you with information on things to look out for, how to prepare, and protect yourself. Having these discussions now, while it isn’t urgent is far better than trying to put the pieces together after something negative has happened.

I Can Help if You Are Worried About Your Loved One.

If you are concerned about an elderly parent, I can help to protect them and you in the event of issues arising at the nursing home. As an elder law office, I see a lot of cases of elder abuse. Unfortunately, this can be a reality with retirement or senior living homes. While people always hope to put mom or dad in a place where they will be comfortable and safe, not all caregivers are created equal. If you feel that they are not receiving the appropriate level of care or are concerned that actual abuse is taking place, give me a call. I can work on their behalf to ensure that they are safe and receiving the highest quality of care.

Another reason that families tend to call me is that their loved one has been the victim of fraud or a scam. This is all too common in the elderly. Unfortunately, there are many cases where older folks are taken advantage of by someone pretending to give investment advice, old family members looking for money, caregivers, friends, etc. With a big heart and an open checkbook, many seniors have lost their retirement savings due to these scams, and I can help to hold the responsible party accountable.