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Do Not Let the Rug Be Taken from Under Your Feet: Complex Family Law

Aug. 24, 2016

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that over 813,000 divorces and annulments occurred during 2014. Whatever the reason for a couple getting a divorce, the process is difficult and challenging. In many cases, a divorce may not end as smoothly as one may hope. Having a divorce attorney who works in complex family law will be an excellent asset to help navigate the complex process of family law.

Equitable Distribution

One aspect of divorce that can make the process complex is in the division of property. While someone can decide to not hire a lawyer, it will be in their better interest to do so. For instance, when Johnny Depp broke up with his partner of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, they had raised two children together. The couple conducted the split as if they were a married couple, since they had been together for 14 years. However, the division of property was not as simple.

Even in situations where a couple has been in matrimony for several years, each state’s laws for the division of property are different. Kim A Bodnar, Attorney At Law, works in both Florida and Pennsylvania; states that have similar laws that define marital property and liabilities. explains that in Pennsylvania, “Marital property refers to all property acquired by either spouse during the marriage.” In Florida, “The parties also may have assets or debts that are considered non-marital and should be awarded to only one party,” explains. Generally, any items held or owned separately before the spouse’s marriage will return to the original owner.

However, the division process may not run so smoothly. In this situation, having a lawyer can help to make sure the client comes out with more instead of losing more. Sharing a business can also complicate how the marital estate is divided and how much of the company each client receives in any marriage settlement agreement. If the custody of children is involved, it is important to remember that how smoothly or bumpy the divorce process goes, the children are also affected. These examples are only a small portion of what can complicate a divorce settlement or hearing and the reason hiring a divorce lawyer will help the client.

More than Just Going Through the Motions

The process for a divorce is complicated and has a specific order to follow. For instance, if a client is going to trial for a divorce which includes an equitable distribution count or claim, then he or she will likely need witnesses. Generally, the client has to supply a witness list by a specific date and may need to subpoena the witnesses to ensure they show up in court on a specific date.

Do not let your spouse take everything from you in a settlement or trial and hire professional representation. With Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law, a client will go through all of these steps in the right order and on time. Filing for a divorce is never easy, but can go smoothly and in the client’s favor if the client works with an attorney who has practiced in complex family law. Do not hesitate to seek consultation by calling today.

Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law

Kim A. Bodnar, Attorney at Law is licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania and Florida. I am committed to professional representation in specific areas of law, including family law and am an active member of the Allegheny County Bar Association. I have earned the prestigious Martindale-Hubble rating of BV since 2003 for my hard work and dedication to helping my clients.

My practice consists of general civil law cases, including personal injury cases and family law cases in the Pennsylvania County Courts of Common Pleas (predominantly Allegheny County, but also Westmoreland, Somerset, Washington, Butler, Lawrence, Armstrong, Cambria and Beaver Counties).