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Auto Accident Attorney

Dec. 9, 2020

Auto accident victims have up to two years to file a lawsuit for any personal injury related to the accident. However, those who want to maximize their chances of winning should contact an attorney immediately. Get the details to see why you need to reach an attorney right away.

Reasons to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney Immediately

Injured parties should seek medical care immediately after an accident. Then, once it is safe to do so, they should contact an attorney. An auto accident attorney can help claimants gather evidence, collect their testimony while it is still fresh, and deal with the insurance adjuster. They may also be able to help their clients get any necessary follow-up medical care.

Gather the Available Evidence

Insurance companies begin investigating accidents immediately. Since Pennsylvania is a comparative negligence state, the insurance company assigns fault to the involved parties during the investigation and uses that to determine how much a claim is worth. The company might determine its client was not at fault or shared responsibility. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always impartial since the goal is to save money on the settlement.

A car accident attorney needs to investigate the case right away while the evidence is available. This also allows the attorney to determine the percentage of fault each party has. Waiting until the evidence disappears can hurt the case. It is hard to prove the other party was at fault if the evidence is missing or the witness testimony is foggy. That could significantly reduce or even eliminate the settlement.

Seek Medical Treatment

Pennsylvania auto insurance policies include a minimum of $5,000 in personal injury protection. This pays for medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses related to an injury. People with severe injuries can exhaust that amount quickly, and they may have to use health insurance, if possible. However, some people do not have health insurance or have claims get denied.

Going to an attorney soon after an accident helps people get the necessary medical care. Many attorneys have networks of providers who will treat patients right away, even if they cannot bill insurance. Quick access to health care is necessary to begin recovery. Treatment records can also help people build cases.

Avoid Dealing with The Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters try to get victims to damage cases. For instance, adjusters might attempt to get someone to admit a degree of fault. Hiring an attorney means victims do not have to speak to the adjuster. Instead, the attorney handles it all.

Reach out To an Attorney

People often think that reaching out to an attorney is the same thing as filing a lawsuit. However, you can undergo a consultation before you agree to move forward. Even if you do decide to hire an attorney, you might not have to go to court. Your attorney might recommend a settlement. To find out what to expect with your case, contact an auto accident attorney today.

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