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A Divorce Attorney Can Protect Your Rights in An Uncontested Divorce

July 27, 2015

As a divorce attorney, I work with a lot of clients that are going through a divorce. In many cases, both parties are on friendly terms and the divorce is uncontested. This is typically the best case scenario for everyone involved because when two people are not fighting, it can be easier to resolve issues as they arise. Still, this often creates a false sense of calm and safety, leading many people to complete their divorce without legal assistance. This is unwise, because without a lawyer, there is no one to make sure that your rights are being protected.

A Divorce Attorney Can Protect You Now and In the Future

When you get a divorce, much more is decided then who gets the money in your checking account. Every aspect of your life together must be divided from who keeps the dishes to how retirement accounts are separated. In cases of tangible assets like furniture and cars, this can be fairly simple and the division happens right away. When it comes to larger assets like homes, this is not possible. For example, one person may continue to live in the family home but be financially unable to buy out the other party. In this case, a plan must be created for how that equity will be paid out in the future. For example, will both of you benefit from the equity that is accrued until the payout takes place or will the payout be set now and need to be paid within a set period of time? These are the types of questions that must be asked and the answers will impact your future.

One of the most impactful things in any divorce is the custody arrangement that is set. If your children are young, this is particularly true since the custody arrangement will guide their schedule until they are eighteen. As a parent, this plan will also impact you financially until they are done with college. Creating a plan that is sustainable and unlikely to cause conflict, can help your life run smoothly while preventing the need to go back to court at a later date. This is an area where having an attorney is important, even if you and your ex are currently getting along.

A Divorce Attorney will Ensure the Process Goes Smoothly

The process of getting a divorce is far more complicated than it may seem. It requires filling out specific forms, filing them at the right location, and serving paperwork to your ex. Even if you get along and see each other on a regular basis, there are set procedures that must be followed. Unfortunately, this can get complicated and a lack of knowledge can cause delays in your case. The frustrations caused by this lack of knowledge can turn friendly divorces into contentious ones and this is something that I can help to avoid. Working with a divorce attorney now can help to keep things friendly by decreasing the stress that is involved in the overall process.