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5 Tips from A Car Accident Attorney if You Are in A Car Accident

Sept. 16, 2018

In Pennsylvania, driving on the highway is not the same as driving on normal roads. Considering the higher speed limits on interstates and some highways, it is almost impossible not to worry about car accidents. With plenty to lose, these post-accident steps prepared by an expert car accident attorney should keep your expenses minimal (depending on fault) while helping you to keep composure with your insurance company.

#1: Check Personal Welfare

Very Vital to Do

Instead of displaying unnecessary hatred towards the people that you wrecked with, make sure to do the right thing and check how everyone’s doing; if you can assist trapped drivers without harming them, you should attempt a rescue. If you are able to get out of your car, make sure to check on them to make sure they are ok; if you are trapped within your vehicle, at least shout something out to show your humility for other people. Aside from this, other steps are necessary when you have gotten into a wreck. Read below for the basics after an accident.

#2: Phone Your Attorney

Don’t Have One? Find One

Yes, right after phoning law enforcement, call any experienced car accident attorney that specializes in your situation. Do not fret over police reports; your personal injury attorney will handle these things systematically. After your attorney advises you on how to approach the insurance company, calling them should be your next move – but only if and when your attorney advises. If he says to allow him to call the company, skip to Step 4.

#3: Call Insurance Company – Under Attorney Guidance

Never Without

You will definitely want to immediately call your insurance company and get this out of the way. In some instances, you will need to wait for the police to conduct their report before you report anything to insurance companies. In either case, make the insurance company your first call while either allowing the other party to call the police or doing so yourself after you have called to begin your claim. While on the telephone with your insurance provider, make sure you describe an honest account of what just occurred. Take your time with them and, should they give you issues, simply pause the claim and head down to the attorney’s office. The car accident attorney will have your police report and information ready to view.

#4: Keep Dialogue with Driver

Fewer Problems, Better Solutions

After these calls are made, you will want to continue an open dialogue with the other party to ensure that no insane actions, frivolous claims or unneeded strife come about. Be kind, earnest, yet make sure that you are covering your own tail because if they are not insured, somebody is paying dearly and the goal is to make that person NOT you. After making sure your car is being towed or cared for, and with your police report, you can redial the insurance agency with more detailed information to add to your claim. Remember, it is a chess match when dealing with claims departments; they pull one direction, you are fighting for your damages to be paid for. Do not give in and become some shivering denizen in the mad game of insurance claims.

#5: Stay on Top of The Claims Process

Because the Insurer Will Not

Once the claims process is done, you need to make sure your car is taken to a certified dealership of your make. By taking this to a certified dealership, any work you need can be performed correctly, can be billed to the insurance company and your deductible can be paid to them directly. Certified dealerships tend to have experienced and skilled workers who work on damaged bodies frequently; they also have collision centers, unlike the smaller mechanics.

The Aftermath

When the Dust Settles…

Finally, when you have your vehicle where it needs to be, make sure you ask about rentals as new cars are nearly always guaranteed a rental. Insurance policies can be purchased to have rental reimbursement so make sure you have adequate coverage. You can at least ask the dealership for a replacement vehicle as a courtesy so you can remain employed and care for family needs. More importantly, maintain contact with your car accident attorney. They will work hard to get the compensation you deserve given the accident you just endured.

If you find yourself involved in an accident, an attorney in Pittsburgh can help with the claims process. Get the compensation you deserve by calling us anytime. This blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.