The Role of an Elder Law Attorney

Elder Law Pittsburgh, PA

When it comes to aging or caring for older loved ones, an understanding of elder law is critical to make sound decisions for the future. Many situations are relatively complex and should be addressed before an individual's health begins to decline. Hiring an elder law attorney can be a beneficial approach that prevents costly mistakes and provides peace of mind for the road ahead.

Understanding issues that affect the elderly

Overall, those who practice elder law are well versed in the following matters:

  • Estate planning
  • Medicare
  • Life insurance
  • Funeral planning
  • Average medical costs for the elderly

An elder law attorney can help make arrangements for future care, plan for the final days of life, and protect assets while ensuring they are passed on according to the individual's wishes. In general, it is crucial to find an attorney or law firm that concentrates on this specific area of the law and has ample experience in the field. While most attorneys charge by the hour for services, a flat rate may be available for specific, standard services that do not require special mediation or research.

Areas addressed by an elder law attorney

There are several situations undertaken by this specific type of lawyer. When in doubt, it is usually advantageous to consult an elder law attorney when facing any significant decisions or changes in an elderly individual's life.

Financial matters

Many complex problems can arise when it comes to handling a senior's finances. Elder law attorneys can assist older adults and their families in preparing for the future with estate planning, wills, and trusts. Saving for retirement and handling social security can be approached more successfully under the guidance of an experienced lawyer. Arrangements can also be made to prepare for anticipated funeral expenses or medical costs.


An attorney familiar with aging issues can help adults prepare for healthcare that may be needed in the future, whether it involves hospital stays, at-home care, or live-in facilities. Most experienced law firms can help point families in the right direction when searching for ideal healthcare locations or companies in a specific area or region. Applying for and receiving Medicare or Medicaid can also be a complicated procedure, but the right lawyer can simplify the process and lower the risk of costly mistakes.

Legal issues

Aging adults should grant power of attorney to a trusted individual in case they are one day incapable of making crucial decisions regarding health and finances. Some families may have to deal with abuse or neglect at the hands of healthcare professionals. An elder law attorney can help handle these and many other legal issues common among the elderly.

Seek legal help today

When planning for the future, it is essential to seek the counsel and services of an attorney familiar with elder laws. This lawyer can help prepare both the individual and the family for the specific situations that typically arise during the aging process. By seeking the help of an experienced professional in elder law, individuals can protect themselves and their assets during their final years.

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